YEAR 2023




Each piece in their proper language of significance shows diversity of origin and humanity. Within the past the construction of the future continent stands.


Purus harmonia et simplex motus rhythmicus mentem tuam in idearum Mundum transportat.  Abstractio perfecta.

The pure harmony and simple rhythmic movement transports your mind into the World of Ideas. Perfect abstraction.

tha an siorc a' tighinn

Natur esoterig yn unig. Cyfunodd hanes hud a gwylltineb wrth roi genedigaeth i’r gelfyddyd.

Only esoteric naturals. Magic history and wilderness combined in giving birth to the art.


Kollektive Überzeugungen machen uns stärker, mächtiger und bahnbrechender.

Collective believes makes us stronger, powerful and breakers.

Le picoque

Liberté et beauté. Une promenade dans les champs pour sentir la fragrance des fleurs et de l’amour.

Freedom and beauty. A walk in the fields to smell the fragrance of flowers and love.


Over the loch ruthless is sparced by the castle of filed edge stones. Imitation ruins forgotten across the sea.


Dinamismo dal modello perfetto alla vita reale. Interruzione della proporzione aurica.

Dynamism from the perfect model into real life. Disruption of auric proportion.

αυτοκρατορία στον πόλεμο

Δυναστεία συνεχούς πολέμου διατομικών προσώπων καλού και λάθους. Κάτω από πολλαπλές ταυτότητες Θα ρίξετε στην πλαγιά του λόφου.

Dynasty of constant war of diatomic faces of right and wrong. Underneath multiple identities Thee will rice on the hillside.

Al fuego vivo

En el desierto sin vida vive el sol. El sol entierra la culpa. La culpa invade el pueblo. El pueblo sobreviene del interior.

In the lifeless desert lives the sun. The sun buries the guilt. Guilt invades the town. The people come from the interior.


Алат за скривање тонова и призвука. Историја слика пејзаже.

The tool to hide tones and overtones. History paints the landscapes.


Hic est Victoria, artifex et doctor in biologia, quae effingit cretae pulchra opuscula. Per artem et scientiam manuum coniunctas, figurarum organicas et naturae structuras in creta conformat. Ipsa incedit per fines artis et scientiae, adhibens suam imaginem vitamque animalium in creta repraesentare. Victoria, artifex et doctor in biologia, cretae pulchritudinem ad oculos vestros revelabit.